6 Odd Ways To Earn Cash While You Study

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One of the most common things about the college experience is that it’s expensive. Not many students experience college in the same way, but almost all can agree that snacking on dry Ramen noodles is not a thing that any student wants to experience. Being broke is a popular theme in college, and it does lead to many students doing whatever they can to earn a little crust while they try to qualify for their chosen subject. Checking out the six quirky tips below can give you some new ideas to earn a little money and make that weekly grocery shopping a little greener and a little less beige.


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1.Research. Your place of study could have people looking for research subjects, and who knows, that could be you! Sometimes it’s filling in forms, other times it’s taking a new drug and testing it out. Either way, you’re compensated for your efforts whether it’s $10 or $100. You’ll get the chance to help as well as make some money.

2.Surveys. You have likely seen some of these in the ads while you scroll your social media accounts. These don’t always pay very much, from a few cents per survey to a dollar here and there. It does add up though and there’s no hard and fast rule to say that you have to only work for one survey company at a time. Check out a few and when you have spare time around your studies, get some done.
3.Compensation. If you’ve been in an accident or had an injury at your part time job or even college, you can speak to this injury lawyer to figure out of you would be entitled to a chunk of change. There’s nothing wrong with getting what’s owed to you and if you’ve been in a place where you’re left hurt, you should look into it.
4.Odd Jobs. Everyone loves to outsource. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tidying up their yard or doing the cleaning in their house; people will pay you for the odd jobs that they really don’t want to do. put yourself out there and advertise yourself as a cleaner-cum-babysitter and you can start earning little bits here and there. It soon builds!
5.Secret Shopping. You may already be a dab-hand at actual shopping, so secret shopping should be fairly fun! You could spend some time scouring the legitimate companies that will pay you to shop at stores and provide feedback on your experience. Don’t fall for these common scams, though!
6.Busker. If you’ve got a knack for music, why not set yourself up as a busker on the subway or bus stop? There is plenty of street performance out there and you’ve likely come across some of it yourself. Check with your local government on their rules and come up with something that’s going to draw people off their phones and over to you.
Making cash isn’t easy, but even with a part time job you could find you’re in need. Don’t be afraid to get a little quirky!


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