6 Months working in Industry

I have officially passed my probation period at work, which means that I have been working in the industry for 6 months now. I honestly cannot believe how quickly this time has gone and how much I have learnt during this short period.

For those of you don’t know I am now a project manager for a market and social research company, which as the title suggest means that I manage research projects. Since starting work I have been exposed to such a broad range of clients and research briefs including testing concepts for tourism advertising, looking at the impact of drug safety advertising, determining the appetite (mind the pun!) for a discontinued chocolate bar to be returned, interviewing parents about their involvement in their children’s decision to attend university, running engagement workshops for councils, and understanding donation behaviours (just to name a few!).

My specific involvement in the projects differs but includes writing and testing questionnaires, conducting qualitative interviews, attending client meetings, data analysis, coding, data visualisation, report writing, proposal proofing, attending presentations, and liaising with clients. Through this broad experience I truly believe that my research skills which were established throughout my PhD have gone up a notch and I am already excited to see how much they will grow throughout the next year. 


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