50,000 views on Dr.ofwhat!

I genuinely cannot believe that this little website I call dr.ofwhat has hit 50,000 views! I find it humbling and unbelievable that people enjoy what I write enough to read it! The blog is a little over 3 years old and has been with me for almost the entire duration of my PhD journey. Hitting 50,000 views made me want to reflect on all the things I love about blogging and what has encouraged me to stick with this little passion project.


  1. The people I have (e) met along the way! Through both this website and the instagram version I have connected with so many wonderful like minded people- PhDers, scicommers, and students.
  2. The people I have met in real life! I think being at a charity event and having someone come up to me and ask ‘are you dr.ofwhat’ was definitely a highlight!
  3. The feedback I have received- Receiving comments and direct messages about people enjoying my content and authenticity has been so lovely and motivating
  4. The little bit of $$$ – I try to be transparent on my blog and instagram, including that I do now receive a small amount of money through wordpress, collaborative posts, and instagram. It is definitely not a lot- but it is a nice little bonus
  5. My friends and family following along- I love that my family and friends follow my blog and keep up with my life through it
  6. Sharing other people’s day- My favourite posts on dr.ofwhat are when I share other people’s day through the featured day in the life segment 
  7. The outlet it has provided- the main reason the blog is what it is today is because I genuinely love blogging, creative writing, and journaling. Dr.ofwhat has given me an outlet from my phd life.



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