5 Things You Should Repair Not Replace

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Ever heard the term ‘The throw-away society‘? It describes a critical view of overconsumption and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items over durable goods that can be repaired. While some things definitely do need to be thrown, there are also many benefits to fixing things such as saving money, your own pride and knowledge, and of course, the environment. So what things should you think twice about before tossing?



Going to a cobbler was once a normal, routine thing to do. Now, your shoe breaks, so you buy a new pair, but why? If you love them, you could fix them, and it will be a lot cheaper than getting a new pair. Sometimes they just need a bit of sewing or gluing, or you might need a brand new sole, and your shoes will be like new again. 



Another thing of the past, making and fixing clothes. It’s not hard to sew on a missing button, iron on a patch, change a hemline or repair a ripped seam. It’s also inexpensive to get your repairs done at your local tailor or dry cleaner. 



We all know that cars need maintenance and repair from time to time. Instead of buying a new car every couple of years, consider keeping your car longer. If you know your way around a motor, then you may be able to change batteries, oil, fan belts, spark plugs, and more by yourself, saving you a load of cash. Or if you know someone who can help you, perhaps you could do something in return for them. Or learn how to fix your car yourself, there are plenty of online tutorials to teach you.  


Building Materials

Concrete can crack over time, so if you notice the problem before it gets too bad, you can often seal over the breaks with a bit of fresh cement. According to Con-Tek Integrated Services, before you consider resurfacing your driveways, paths, patios, and other outdoor areas, you should look into getting a high-pressure cleaning system on it. There is a machine that can bring your tired old concrete, textured paving, bricks, and tiling back to life, saving you considerable costs against replacing them. You can also replace damaged or rotting wood piece by piece, and if you have worn surfaces, these can be sanded, stained, and painted.



Upholstery shops mean that you can refurbish a family heirloom, or a bargain you found at a garage sale and get it precisely to your taste. You can pick out the fabric and amount of cushioning and can have a piece unlike any other. If you think you’d be good at it, you can try reupholstering yourself as many people enjoy it as a hobby. Again there are online tutorials that can help and inspire you, so why not have a go? Broken furniture can be fixed up with some nails, glue, and a bit of patience. Sometimes you only need a little touch; for example, if your table is wobbly, you may be able to get by with a small board under one leg

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