5 study spots!

For many students I am sure spending hours on end studying is not on the top of your list of favourite things to do, and this is probably even truer during busy periods such as exam time or the thesis writing stage.  During these busy periods it is really easy to loose motivation, however one way that I find I can improve my own motivation and study for longer periods is by mixing up where I study.

1) Home office- Obviously right? Let’s start with the obvious places first. Your home office or uni office (or both if you are like me), is most likely where you spend most of your study time. Due to the habitual nature of humans it is good to stick with what you know, so it is probably a great place to start your exam studying. Before you start though take the time to clean up the space, a cluttered desk can make your already full brain feel even more cluttered.


2) A different room in the house- When you start getting twitchy in your home office and you can’t stand writing one more word, move into another room in your house. This could be the dining room, kitchen bench, or even in the bath (hot tip- laminated sheets are water proof!).

3)  Café- I love studying in cafes (in actual fact I am writing this blog post in one right now!). If you have the time to give yourself an hour or so to have a coffee, snack, and study session then find a cute, quaint café. Obviously try to hunt for the quietish cafes with the best coffee!


4)  Library- Unleash your inner Hermione (that is how I always feel when I am studying in a library). Being surrounded by books and other studious people really helps keep you on track. Even better, try to hunt out the old school libraries near you, the more hogwart(esk) the better I say.

5)  Outside- Nature is the best, and it is so great for us. Fresh air, sunshine, and plants are all things that will make you feel calmer and hopefully declutter your mind a little.


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