5 Reasons To Remodel The Bathroom

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There is nothing more fun and more stressful than remodeling an area of your home. Not only are you getting the chance to upgrade (the fun bit), you’re going to have to deal with the stress of choosing a new bathroom and living in a building site for a while. A bathroom remodel is one of the first big projects that most homeowners get on with, whether that’s because they want the extra bathroom, or they need to rip out an old suite and replace all the pipework.

If you need any further reasons than “I want to” when it comes to your bathroom remodel, look no further. We’ve got five excellent reasons to remodel your bathroom this year.


  • You NEED To. Putting all wants and wishes aside, some bathrooms have to be renovated due to repair and need for upgrade. The medicine cabinet may be outdated, the bath too shallow. Perhaps there’s no room for a shower, or the flooring is out of date. If you need to add in sockets for shavers and hair dryers, ensure your electrician is an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) so that your repairs stay minor. Upgrades can be hard to live in, but it’ll be so much better when they’re done!
  • Your Property Value. You may have no wish to sell your house right now, but one day you could choose to and updating the bathroom will increase the value of your home. From adding new equipment and suites to replacing the flooring, your bathroom will increase in value with even the most minor upgrades.
  • Impressing The Buyers. When you DO decide to go for it and sell your home, upgrading your bathroom will impress buyers more than you think. The aesthetic appeal of an upgraded bathroom with underfloor heating will mean that you’ll have offers flooding in from people who want to buy your property. It’s always nice to be a cut above the rest when it comes to having something to offer.
  • Better Efficiency. An old bathroom with old electrical systems and pipework just aren’t as efficient as newer ones. If you have new fixtures that are water-efficient, you could save gallons of water from being wasted every year. Conservation goes a long way toward protecting the planet, and being a part of that can help the environment in a big way. You will still achieve great water pressure, and you’ll have something to tell your prospective buyers when they move in, too!

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