4 Life Events To Look Forward To As You Age

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Life is full of surprises, but there are some things that you need to imagine for yourself as you get older – these are your goals. Every single person has a goal. Big or small, the things that they want become the things that they work for. Some people only aim as far as their next cup of coffee, but then there are those who aim to bungee jump off of the Sydney Opera House.

No matter which side of the coin you fall, there are some big milestone life events that you can aim for to make life that little bit sweeter. Life is far more fun when there is a goal involved, so what four life events could you be looking forward to right now? Let’s take a look!



  • Career


You go to school from the age of five. After that, you head to high school. After that, you head to college. At some point during those first 18 years of education, you choose what you want to do with your life. It seems a little strange, to ask teenagers to decide on their future while also asking them to gain permission to use the bathroom, but this is exactly what happens. Most teens base their college major on what they want to do with their lives. Sometimes, this leads to a flourishing and fulfilling career. Other times, it doesn’t work out and you go in an entirely new direction. Career is one of those goals that constantly change, but gets exciting the more it does!


  • Marriage


We’ll put this one in the “maybe” column. Marriage isn’t for everyone; some people prefer not to legally commit themselves to others in the presence of their loved ones. Those who are happy to take this step will one day be able to check it off their list to say that, yes, they’ve done it!


  • Buying A House


While marriage is exciting, buying a house is a huge commitment. It’s giving yourself the chance of having security, of putting down roots. You get to choose where you live, whether you build or buy and how much you want to spend. Then, you get to call the local van hire company and start loading all your things to drive yourself to your forever home. It’s one of the biggest milestones that anyone can have in their life, as it’s a stepping stone toward a retirement of comfort.


  • Children


Yet another milestone for the “maybe” column, but if you’re happy and you want to expand your family, children are another life event that ageing can bring. Children both infuriate and enrich most sets of parents, but you’re leaving a little piece of immortality on earth whether you are here or not. They’re a blessing to anyone who wants to have children, and they invite an entirely new branch of life events for you to enjoy from the sidelines! Their own houses, weddings, careers and children will be happening because of you, too.


Life has a lot of love and excitement. Are you ready to grab it with both hands?

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