Day-to-day life of a PhD student: 3rd October 2016

This is the 4th edition of a ‘day-to-day life of a Ph.D. student’. Time flies when you are having fun (or completing a Ph.D.!) This Monday was a little different as it was a public holiday, although I still ended up in my office. But, before you feel sorry for me- I am having two nights away this week.

8:31am- I slept in, but as I said it is a public holiday so no judgement! I stayed at my parents’ house last night, so a cruisy morning is in order.

9:09am- Sharing a coffee with my sister and my mum is one of my favourite parts of staying at my parents! Also my sisters summer heights high mug is perfect.

10:16am- Another great thing about staying at mum and dads is mum makes me breakfast (sometimes)- this morning it was a delicious toastie!

11:47am- I just got home to my house after a slightly scary drive. We are currently experiencing some extra wet and wild weather where I live. Which is why Jake and I ran to the bottom of our street to check out the creek (we actually did run, boots and thongs and all!). Although it was flowing fast, it is thankfully not flooding.

12:24pm- I figured seen I was spending my afternoon at uni, I deserved a coffee. Also I am slightly obsessed with winning a prize with the McDonalds Monopoly game (that marketing team got me!). Please send any unwanted tickets my way- I will share the prize, promise!

12:33pm- I just arrived at uni and went to check out the creek there. It had resided since that morning as apparently it was over the footbridge. But it was still a lot higher and faster than normal.

12:49pm- I am sitting in my office, getting distracted by the rain, and even a bit of hail. Let’s hope I don’t get washed away. Also check out the coffee catci, they are growing!

1:25pm- I am working on my ethics application, which is probably one of the most tedious tasks I have had to do this year (and to make it worse I am doing two applications at the same time).

2:34pm- I decided to take a break and fill out my new printable calendar which is going up on my pinboard. Although, I already have a diary, I wanted a calendar that I can look at easily. Also this was a good procrastination task as I needed a break from my ethics application.


4:01pm- Still working on the ethics application- it requires around four attachments which I also need to create…. I think four hours on a public holiday is enough study for me. I am very close to packing up.

4:30pm- When I was driving home from uni I noticed a large tree by the creek (where we went in the morning) had fallen. Jake and I ran back down to check it out. Luckily it didn’t fall when we were there!

6:47pm- Just finished dinner. Actually I had brinner (eggs on toast). Yes- I am an adult.

7:44pm- Slumber party in our loungeroom. Due to the wild weather we are currently not getting TV reception in our bedroom, which Jake is extremely unhappy about because he insists on listening to TV as he goes to sleep. His solution, move the mattress into the loungeroom! Again, yes we are adults!


Until next time!

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