3 Tips to Boost Your Grades This Year

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As a student, it’s quite easy to stay optimistic about your grades at the beginning of the term. You have an entire year to do well, in any way, and as long as you put your mind do it you can surely do anything. While this is true, it is way too easy to lose that spark once the first month or two has passed – and you need to have something to push you on if you really want to succeed.



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The recipe for success in college is to create a routine and stick to it. While it may not have to be rigid, at least not every day, you need to stick to it for long enough to create a habit out of it. You’d want it to feel odd if you’re not studying at some point, and you need to teach yourself to stay ahead or on top of the schedule.
Here is a handful of ways on how to create this routine so that you can continue to ace your degree even when that motivation is lacking.
#1 Create a calendar
To most people, this is the fun part. It all depends on your personality, though, and many people are able to stick to their schedule ad-hoc without having to look at a calendar. Other people, however, prefer to have something to stick to during their studies.It’s fun to make a calendar as well and you can rediscover your creative side while doing it. Just stop by the stationery shop to pick up everything you need for college, and get a calendar or a diary there while you’re at it.
#2 Remember moderation
Once you get into your life at college, it’s easy to either overdo the fun stuff – or overdo the boring stuff. Avid students know that too much studying is just as bad for you as no studying is; your brain won’t really be able to process all the information, and you’ll find yourself burned out and tired sooner rather than later.A balanced lifestyle is the key to both happiness and success. It comes naturally to most of us, though, similarly to how it feels nice to sit down after you’ve been standing up for long – and it feels nice to stretch your legs after sitting for a while.Listen to your body and your mood, and you should be able to find that sweet spot between work and play.
#3 Always go through your notes
Taking notes in class is a good way to keep yourself active and not fall asleep while the teacher is talking. Yet, it doesn’t have much use unless you go through them afterwards. Make a habit out of reading the chapter in your book after a class, make notes from the chapter, and compare them to your notes from class on the same subject.Now you have two versions of the same side: one from your teacher and one from the book. By reading through these notes again in a short week, you’ll be more likely to remember it and expand your knowledge.

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