House Details #6

To see the ‘House Details #5’ post click here

The house has been a working progress for almost 1.5 years now, but the lounge room is finally almost done!


I especially like the loungeroom in the morning light!


New chair from Fantastic Furniture  ! We needed an extra chair as one of my friends is moving in (& three people + Frog won’t fit on the green couch).


LOVE the footrest! It is from Adairs (which is honestly just amazing).



All the new art from Frankie Magazine! and from University magazine


Coffee table- Second hand- $0!!!! (Rug from Ishka)


Giraffe is also from Ishka (and it is metal and therefore Frog proof!). Also please note the new growth on the plant- I am finally a proud plant mum!



I want to get a new TV cabinet (one with non-glass doors to hide the mess inside) and also a new plant to go on the other side!



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