A few products every PhD student needs

A Keep Cup– Coffee is a way of life for me, and many of the people I share an office with. Invest in a keep cup to avoid using throw-away coffee cups (which are terrible for the environment). I love my keep cup because it is merchandise from one of my favourite singers Ziggy Alberts.


Diary- A diary is a necessity for organisation. I adore my 2018 choice from Emma Kate co. It has cute quotes, and a great layout.


Coffee Mug- Another coffee related thing? duh. You need a mug to accompany your keep cup.


Subscription box-  A bit more of an abstract idea, but self-care is essential when doing a PhD and I find one of the best self-care techniques is subscription boxes. It is like getting a little surprise present each month or so. A gift from you to you! You can get all kinds of subscription boxes (beauty, food, books etc.), but may favourite is The Change Box.


Funny Pins-  If you wear a lanyard, you can get the most relevant pins ever! Science on a postcard is a PhD prop genius- humour is always important.





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