Day-to-Day life of a PhD student: 12th February 2018


7:35am- Every morning now starts with taking Froggy outside so he can go to the toilet after being inside all night (normally snuggled on the bed with me!).


8:35am- Ready to leave- Saying bye to Froggy and telling him to “be good”


9:40am- Coffee time! We have recently discovered a funky café right next to uni! Delicious coffee, and friendly staff (a PhD student’s dream)!


11:53am- Have spent the morning finishing off the first thing on this year’s to-do list! (YAY)


12:54pm- I left the office early and stopped off for a little bit of food shopping before going home. Can’t forget the Avo! (for $3 I might add)


1:49pm- I LOVE the winter Olympics. They are also the perfect background show whilst finishing my thematic analysis data.


3:10pm- Still at it.


4:59pm- I have switched tasks, I am now categorising my colleagues articles for her meta analysis (there is 13,000 in total & I have finished about 5000!).


6:59pm- The winter Olympics started showing boring sports (I won’t name them- as I am sure they are interesting to others), so Netflix it is! I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls.


7:19pm- Quick play break with Frog!


8:42pm- After dinner snack + Meta analysis + Winter Olympics


10:07pm- Tea + Meta analysis + Winter Olympics


11:34pm- Finally bed time!


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