House details #4

It is time for another house details blog post, especially since my family did some updates whilst I was away (yes- they are the best!).

If you haven’t seen the last house details post go here

Family friends of mine were moving out and they gave me this couch- which is perfect as I wanted one in a bright colour (more pillows to come!)


I added a few new things to my bedroom- a screen, which is perfect to hide the TV cords & fan! I also got a cute rose gold lamp .



My sister found these amazing orange bar stools in a second hand shop!


I am obsessed with indoor plants (which I know most people are at the moment). They make me feel relaxed, so I am definitely hoping to add more.


This is one of my favourite things in the house at the moment- it is hanging up next to the mirror I get ready in front of in the morning, so it is perfect motivation. It is from ’emmakateco’ see here. Emma makes the best diaries, posters, cards, and wall hangers. 


This is also from emmakateco, I have it hanging up in my kitchen and I love it. Her quotes are all amazing.


The surfboard I had painted after Jake passed away is finally mounted. The colours suit so perfectly and I am so happy with how it looks on the wall.


My sister is moving in (yay!), and she has started decorating her room (amazingly!).



Cass put the tassels on herself



I home hoping to put similar shelves to these in my study.



She also made these earring holders

Stay tuned, the next stages are an outdoor area for morning coffee, update the outdoor bar, hang some more things on the wall, and work on the study!




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