House details #3

Like many things, this blog post was difficult to write (perhaps more so than many other blog posts). I was so excited to decorate my home and share the progress with you all. Since Jake’s gone it definitely does not feel like home anymore, and I have been considering what to do (stay here or move etc.), which is a decision that I have been going back and fourth between. At the moment I’m staying put, because Jake & I both fell in love with this house as soon as we saw it.

Since making the decision to stay, I have been busy adding more styling throughout the house so I hope you enjoy seeing the progress (click here for the previous house details post).


I have been busy working on the bedroom. The painting is from Jake’s grandma’s shack (which he wanted to steal), so it is very special.



Cute little side table styling


How cute is this stool! Picked it up from an Op-shop. I think I will move it into the lounge room eventually.


Ensuite styling (still a lot to do in here but a good start)


Main Bathroom!


I love my bath stand




I am trying very hard to keep these plants alive because I love them- but some are looking a bit brown.


My crystal!


Main toilet styling (you always need a bit of quirk)


Main toilet wall- I am wanting to add more pictures along the way. The one on the right was done by a good friend (as a tribute to Jake).



More quirk!


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