Featured ‘day in the life of’: Javnika, a computer engineering student.

A day in the life of Javnika (computer engineering student):

I am a CSUS Computer engineering student. Engineering is my passion and I love fashion, travelling as well as I do painting. I love to share my activities through Instagram (@javnika_jv). I like to be motivated and help people to being motivated. 1

10:27 am- Yup its late morning and I was too tired to wake up but caffeine always helps to wake me up. Hoping for great day today.


Starting my day with some Yoga workout. Helps me to stay focused and motivated.

3Salad for lunch. Started work already while having lunch. Readings before going lab.

4Helping engineering juniors in EEE lab. Always love to help new engineering students and keep them motivated.


6After all day of work much needed caffeine kick…Chatting with friends over coffee and planning for next week.


Almost end of the day… Never like to leave my campus.. Ups!! I am super late to catch my train… Have to run…Bye!!


Catching up with family over dinner. I must say that Thai food was delicious!


8Way to home now!!

10Wrapping up the day. Working on JavaScript project. Good night!!


Thanks for sharing your day with us Javnika!



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