2016: In Review

In June last year I wrote a blog post reflecting on the first half of 2016 and listing my top five things (if you haven’t read it already follow this link https://drofwhat.com/2016/06/30/the-end-of-june-is-time-for-reflection/). Now that 2016 has well and truly came to a close and 2017 is spiralling along I thought it was time to reflect on the second half of the year and list my five favourite things again. It was seriously so difficult to choose as I was lucky enough to have many adventures but this is the list I came up with:

The Great Ocean Road- My road trip down the Great Ocean Road was such a great time away from work. It was relaxing, adventurous and so much fun! It had been on my Bucketlist for a long time so it was nice to finally cross it off (see this blog post for more details https://drofwhat.com/2016/12/12/were-living-out-the-back-of-the-car/).





Christmas/New Years road trips- The back to back road trips I took over the silly season were filled with love, laughs, and sunshine which truly was the best way to end the year (see this blog post for more details https://drofwhat.com/2017/01/12/back-to-back-road-trips/).



Eco-Tourism Conference- I attended my first full conference which was a really interesting experience. The conference was in my home city which meant I missed out on the travel aspect which often goes along with conferences, however the conference included excursions which were really enjoyable. It was also a great way to meet people and practice some essential skills (such as networking). Hopefully the next conference I attend I will be presenting at!


Mini Vacay- Two of my PhD girlfriends and I took a couple of days off from work and went on a ‘mini vacay’. The resort was one of the nicest places I’ve stayed this year (although I have been spoilt and have had a few). It was also great to have some well-deserved R&R and hopefully we can enjoy another mini break this year. Read more here https://drofwhat.com/2016/10/14/girls-mini-vacay/



Live events- I was lucky enough to attend three film festivals last year: Banff Film Fest, Banff Radical Reels, and Ocean Film Fest (which was actually before June but was my absolute favourite so it deserves a mention). I had always been interested in film festivals and my expectations were met when I finally attended the Ocean Film Festival, hence the reason I attended two more. I was also lucky enough to see Thomas Peschak talk for National Geographic Live. He was truly inspiring and his event was genuinely entertaining.



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