20,000 views on dr.ofwhat… my blogging tips

Dr.ofwhat has officially hit 20,000 views (in less than two years), and 3000 of which have been this year alone. As I have stated before, I am so humbled that so many eyes (from all over the world) have viewed my little website. It is growing and changing, and I am excited that dr.ofwhat now also includes the Fin-Blog segment.

To celebrate reaching this milestone I have complied a list of my blogging tips.

1: Post consistently– Ensure that you have enough content to post consistently. Try to avoid having weeks where you don’t add any new content to your blog (scheduling posts is a lifesaver!).

2: Feature people & be featured- One of the things that I enjoy most about blogging is the blogging (and social media) community. Connect with other like-minded people by featuring them on your blog, or taking opportunities to be featured on theirs. It is a great way to grow your reach and audience base.

3: Take the time to find a good layout- It took me a long time to decide on the current layout on the dr.ofwhat website. I also paid for this wordpress theme which I think was worth it.

4: Use social media- Connect your social media with your blog (if you haven’t already), it is a great way to grow your audience. If you already use social media, try to direct people to your new posts (but not too often- as your followers may get bored of this).

5: Refer back to other posts- You work hard on the content you create, so make the most of it. Put links to old posts in your new content to direct more views.

6: Keep it short– Try to keep your blog posts short- people don’t have time to read long af posts (and if they do, they are probably reading a book).

7: Use photos- Try to include photos in a lot of your blog posts, people enjoy them. At the very least ensure you have a featured image for each.

8: Ask for/accept feedback- You can always improve your content and asking for feedback is a great way to do that. Don’t take constructive criticism personally, but don’t take trolling criticism ever.

9: Don’t aim to appeal to everyone- You will never please everybody, because people have different interests and personalities. Rather than worry about this, stay true to yourself and the content you want to create.

10: Have fun- Enjoying blogging needs to be your number one reason for doing it. People will see your passion and enthusiasm in your writing/content and appreciate that. If collaboration/monetary opportunities arise from blogging, great! But, you still need to enjoy what you are writing.



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