10 things every* PhD student gets asked



1.  What is your research on? Followed by a strange look if you are a psychology student studying shark conservation, or is that just me?

2.   What do you do everyday? Answer this by giving them a link to my day in the life of a PhD posts!

3.   What does PhD stand for? To be honest, I didn’t know the answer to this until I started, so I will forgive this one

4.  Will you be a Dr? Obvs, why else would I do it (kidding…)

5.  Is it a year? Actually it is a year just to plan what I am going to do for my PhD…..

6.  What will you do after? Great question…. I will keep you updated

7.  Why? Sometimes I asked myself this question, other days I answer because it is the best, I get to study something that really, really interests me!

8.  How is your research going? Unless you want tears I wouldn’t ask me that

9.  When will you be finished? Revert to the answer for question 6

10. What’s taking you so long to get your research done? The fact that as PhD students, our research is only a small part of our job… & we spend too much time procrastinating

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