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Dr.OfWhat is 3!!!!

Dr of what turned 3, which is surely at least 10 years in blog years? I can’t believe that I had a little idea to document my PhD journey through a blog and on Instagram three years ago, and that it has grown so much since then. Over 6000 followers on Instagram, 379 blog followers, and almost 40,000 blog views! […]

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PhD & Mental Health.

I have had notes for this blog post for a few months now, I just couldn’t work out how to write it in a way that would do the topic justice. I wanted to write about this topic when I was in an (semi) objective frame of mind, rather than in the middle of a stressful day. I wanted to […]

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Green Tea Guide

**In Collaboration** In this post, we are going to provide information on one of the most popular types of green tea today: Matcha green tea. Organic green tea is popular for a whole host of reasons, and of these reasons is the fact that it contains catechins. This is why green tea is used in so many health products. Catechins […]

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