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PhD Update, April

It has been a crazy few months since my last PhD update and I just feel like I haven’t stopped at all! Study one was desk rejected from the first journal I submitted to but the journal suggested a different place to send it. It then got sent to that journal and the editor requested changes. My primary supervisor and […]

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Chronicles of the PhD years.

Year One:  Proposal is #1 priority. Honeymoon stage. Bliss. Feels weird to be spending your days just researching ‘stuff’. Excited about everything PhD related. Tell everyone you are a PhD student. Imposter syndrome is intense. Feel like you have all the time in the world. Year two:  A little bit tired and bored. Feel like literally nothing has been done. […]

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Does a PhD make you overqualified?

When I started my PhD I never even considered that it might make me ‘over-qualified’. I mean you can never be overdressed and overeducated right? Apparently while that is true for Oscar Wilde, it may not be true for PhD students. I read an article on LinkedIn about this very issue the other day, and when I had a networking […]

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