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The Finblog on “What Is Conservation Psychology?”

Thank you for all the messages – it’s great to see so many people interested in conservation psychology! Conservation psychology is not considered a ‘sub-discipline’ of psychology, but rather, a ‘field’ – the difference being that a ‘sub-discipline’ involves members that are trained in the same area (e.g., podiatrists/podiatry), while a ‘field’ encompasses people that have been trained in different […]

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The Fin-Blog; Valentine’s Day Special

It appears the Beyonce of the sea has yet to make her appearance because it’s simply not about just putting a ring on it in the underwater world.  Here are our top three courtship rituals: The Stage 5 Clinger: Male Deep Sea Anglerfish (Melanocetus johnsoni) do not have a digestive system. If they wish to survive, once they’re born, they must […]

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