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More thoughts every* PhD student has

If you haven’t read the first list of thoughts every* PhD students have go here, *Obviously as I always say I can not speak on behalf of ALL PhD students. 1. Situation: When asked what you are going to do after a PhD: Ummmmmmmmmm…….I genuinely feel like I will be doing this forever so I can’t even think about that […]

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City Profile: Dublin Ireland

“A vibrant and diverse town” I had such high expectations for Ireland- For some unknown reason I have always loved Ireland without ever visiting. So naturally, I was very excited to get the chance to explore the capital city. I first visited Dublin on the tour I was doing and we were warned by the tour manager that Dublin may […]

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Featured ‘Day in the life of’: Hannah, Field Biologist studying golden-winged warblers.

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah and I work in the US state park system as a field biologist studying golden-winged warblers (GWWAs), which are one of the fastest-declining songbird species in the Americas. GWWAs easily hybridize with a sister species, which is thought to be contributing to their decline. The region I work in is very unique because the […]

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