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The Seasons of Academia.

One of the things I have learnt since joining academia as a PhD student in 2016, is that there are clear and distinct seasons within academia. Just like we do in our everyday lives, we have to move through these seasons, and sometimes this can mean enduring long and cold winters. Other times it means flourishing in extended summers (think […]

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PhD Survival Guide: Data, where do I start?

Starting data analysis is hard and daunting- but for me it was also one of my favourite parts of the PhD process. I get excited by data, like to the point that when UberEats releases their yearly data wrap-up I get super excited, perhaps lame I know! Although, I am most definitely not a statistician I wanted to share my […]

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Academia: The Ultramarathon

When you start a PhD, you are warned that a PhD is a marathon and not a sprint. But if we thought a PhD was a marathon, then academia is an Ultramarathon. Academia is the ultimate ‘quest for knowledge’ and there is always a next step, another publication, another grant, another conference, another step on the academic ladder. To succeed […]

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